Beginner Bonsai Resources

Hello, I gert asked a lot of questions and annoyingly bonsai is not really one of those things where I can explain everything in a couple of paragraphs and then send you on your way.

While Bonsai is easy and my goal here is to show you that you can make decent trees from simple material, there is a lot to take in and you will always be learning something new.

To give you a starting place, I’ve made this list of resources. They are just links to other pages on this site, that are basically the top questions I get asked/ information you need to know as a beginner. Each articles will cover the topic in more detail and hopefully increase your knowledge and help you grow your own bonsai.

I have brain dumped everything I have learned about bonsai over the last decade on this site, so if you go through everything you should be nicely set up to grow your own trees.

It’s probably best if you bookmark this page so you can come back and read some more, as there is nearly 100 links below.

You can also use the search bar on the side as not everything on the site is covered below, its more just things I think a beginner might be interested in reading about. If you can’t find something feel free to email me or message me on social media and I can try and help you there.

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The Bare Basics Of Bonsai

These articles cover the real basic fundamentals of bonsai, so they are a good place to start if you are brand new to bonsai.

How To Get Started In Bonsai For Beginners

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Bonsai Tree (And Are There Any Negatives?)

Understanding How Trees Grow Through The Seasons – A Simple Explanation To Help With Bonsai

Beginner Bonsai Advice – 5 Tips

A Guide To Beginner Bonsai Tools

Do Bonsai Trees Die In Winter?

How To Plan and Track Your Bonsai

What Actually Makes A Bonsai Good?

Is My Bonsai Dead?

How Long Does It Take For A Bonsai Tree To Grow?

Should You Grow A Bonsai From Seed Or Just Buy One That’s Already Developed?

Working Out How To Starting A Bonsai From Seed – A Guide For Years 1 To 5

The Top 6 Most Common Bonsai Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

General Care Information

A healthy tree is critical for bonsai, if your tree is dead then the whole thing is pointless. One of the first things you need master is the basic care of your tree. You want to keep it alive and learn how to make it thrive.

Can You Care For All Bonsai The Same Way?

How To Water A Bonsai

Working Out How To Over Winter Bonsai Trees

Where To Place Your Bonsai Tree At Home

Can You Use Coffee Grounds As A Bonsai Fertiliser?

Do You Need To Use “Bonsai” Fertiliser?

Why Has My Bonsai Got Yellow Leaves? (and How To Fix It)

Deciduous And Broadleaf Evergreen Bonsai – A General Maintenance Calendar Guide

Looking After Bonsai Tress While On Holiday

How To keep Squirrels, Birds and Other Animals Out Of Bonsai Pots

Ladybirds On Bonsai

How Much Light Does A  Bonsai Tree Need?

Do You Need A Grow Light For Your Bonsai?

What Is Overwatering A Bonsai Trees?

Why Do People Put Stones Around Bonsai Trees?

What Is Defoliation In Bonsai?

How Do You Build Ramification On A Bonsai?

Pruning Your Bonsai

Here are some articles around pruning your tree, which is something that is really important. Getting this right is the difference between an average tree and a great tree.

How To Prune A Bonsai Tree – A Beginners Guide

How Often Should You Prune A Bonsai?

When Should You Prune Your Bonsai?

Frequently Asked Questions About – Pruning Your Bonsai

Creating Bonsai Deadwood

Healing Wounds On Bonsai Trees

How To Trunk Chop A Bonsai

Doing Root Work and Repotting

Here are some articles about doing root work. This is usually where a lot of beginners make mistakes so make sure you get as much information as possible before repotting a bonsai.

A General Guide To Bonsai Soil

How To Repot A Bonsai Tree

Frequently Asked Questions About – Repotting Bonsai

Developing A Nebari (Spreading Roots)

How to Moss a Bonsai – The 4 Best Techniques

How and Why To Grow A Bonsai In The Ground

Can You Reuse Bonsai Soil?

Removing A Tap Root On A Bonsai

What Do Healthy Bonsai Roots Look Like?

Repotting Aftercare Advice For Your Bonsai

How To Water A Bonsai After Repotting

Root Rot In Bonsai (What Is It? and How To Fix It)

What Is Air Layering For Bonsai?

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Repotting A Bonsai?

Information On Bonsai Wire

Wiring a bonsai is an important skill you need to know. You can do a lot without wire, but really to take your tree to the next level, you have to know how to wire.

Why Do We Wire Bonsai?

Frequently Asked Questions About – Bonsai Wire

What Is Bonsai Wire?

When Do You Remove The Wire From Your Bonsai?

Are There Any Alternatives To Using Wire For Shaping Bonsai?

Information On Bonsai Pots

I need to write some more about pots, but here is some things to get you started.

How To Select A Bonsai Pot For Your Tree

What Shape Bonsai Pots Can You Get?

Why Do Bonsai Pots Have Drainage Holes?

Why Do You Use A Bonsai Training Pot?

What Can You Use As Mesh In A Bonsai Pot?

What To Look For When Buying A Bonsai Pot Online

Where Can You Buy Bonsai Pots?

Information Around Different Types Of Bonsai

This area is kind of vague, you will be better off finding out information about a specific species of bonsai, but you may find some of these more broad articles useful too.

What Makes A Species A Good Tree For Bonsai?

What Type Of Tree Is A Bonsai Tree?

What Are The Best Species For Beginners To Use For Bonsai?

How To Identify What Species Your Bonsai Tree Is

What Is The Difference Between Masculine And Feminine Bonsai?

The Best Trees You Can Use For Indoor Bonsai

What Are Cold Hardy Bonsai Trees?

How To Pick A Tree For Bonsai, From Nursery Stock

6 Ways To Get New Bonsai Trees And Grow Your Collection

Are Natives Species The Best Trees For Bonsai?

Other General Bonsai Information

These articles are all just general questions that I find beginners tend to ask me, so it’s very likely you may be thinking about the same kind of things.

How Old Is My Bonsai Tree?

What Is The Difference Between Masculine And Feminine Bonsai?

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive?

Can You Make An “Instant” Bonsai?

How Can You Speed Up Growing A Bonsai?

How Long Do Bonsai Trees Live?

Do Bonsai Lose Their Leaves In Winter?

How To Get A Thicker Trunk On A Bonsai?

Common Bonsai Terminology For Beginners

Do Bonsai Trees Produce Fruit?

What Is The Growth Rate Of A Bonsai Tree?

Should You Put Moss On A Bonsai?

What Size Should A Bonsai Be?

How To Prevent Bonsai Theft

How to Get A Bonsai For Free

Is Growing A Bonsai Tree Hard?

What Is The Fastest Growing Bonsai?

How Do Bonsai Stay Small?

What Stage Of Development Is Your Bonsai Tree At?

How To Pronounce “Bonsai”

What Is Fusion In Bonsai?

Information Around Growing Bonsai From Seed

There are a number of ways to grow bonsai and seeds can be a cool way to do it. It can be extremly slow, but it is worth the effort.

What Are Bonsai Seeds?

Where Can You Buy Bonsai Seeds?

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Start Growing Seeds For Bonsai?

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made When Growing Seeds For Bonsai?

What To Do When Your Bonsai Seeds Are Not Growing

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Bonsai Tools On Amazon

You can also find a list I made on Amazon where I’ve grouped all the decent and useful bonsai related items together in one place.

I do not personally sell the items on Amazon or really have anything to do with it, Its more of just a helpful ‘wish list’ that you can look at and hopefully it will save you some time and effort looking for things yourself.

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