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I started this website and my youtube channel to share my knowledge

of bonsai and show my trees as they grow.

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If you are new to bonsai you should start by reading my bonsai resources page.

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My Bonsai Story

I started Bonsai in 2014 and have since started this website to share my knowledge and skills.

I also have a YouTube channel where I release a new video every week, on Sunday.

I like to show each of my trees journey throughout the year in a sort of time lapse, along with some tips and techniques throughout the video. This way you can watch each tree slowly develop over the months and years, while learning about the processes I use.


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I upload A New Video Every Sunday


You can also find me on Amazon where I’ve grouped all the decent and useful bonsai related items together in one place.

I do not personally sell the items on Amazon or really have anything to do with it, Its more of just a helpful ‘wish list’ that you can look at and hopefully its saved you some time and effort

However, if you buy anything on amazon after clicking the link below, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. You will literally notice no difference to anything.

This small commission helps keeps this website running. So if you do use the amazon affiliate link, thank you

What Are My Youtube Videos About?

I have about 50 trees in various states of development and I upload a new video every week. Each Video follows a tree throughout the last year showing its growth and development.


My trees get pruned when they need it.


Dealing with the roots of a bonsai is a big operation.

Time lapse

Watch My trees develop throughout the years.


Some trees need to grow a bit more before they can be called bonsai.