Snowberry Bonsai Progression (2017 – Now)

This is my Snowberry that I started from some a tree I dug up from a garden. I am trying to grow as bonsai and I will be going through its progression below.

It still needs a lot of development, but I still think it’s coming along nicely.

If you want to watch it in video format, you can watch the YouTube playlist below. The videos show the progression every month throughout the year, sort of like a time lapse.

Just be aware some of my earlier videos are not the best quality, but just like my trees, the quality slowly improves over time, so stick with them and they both get a little better towards the end.

The Snowberry, also know as Symphoricarpos or Ghostberry is a small semi-deciduous shrub that is known for its small white berries and is part of the honeysuckle family.

It is a common garden shrub as it can grow in pretty much any conditions and its white berries. You can read more about their suitability in Is Snowberry A Good Tree For Bonsai?


I found this tree in an overgrown communal garden I was clearing. It was covered in brambles and actually had a wasps nest growing on it. Of course the wasps stung me, so I took my revenge and destroyed them and decided to take their home.

It was the summer so I had to wait until the following year to take the tree.


As spring started to approach I dug the tree out and potted it up and then left it all year to recover.


2018 pretty much the same. It was just left alone all year to grow and get strong.  

However, the tree was stolen by my neighbour near to the end of the year. I managed to get it back a few weeks later. He said he had only been looking after it, as you do.  


In the spring of 2019 I was moving house. I couldn’t take everything with me and this tree was too big to take.

However, I liked it and I didn’t want to just leave it for the neighbours, since I had gone to the effort of getting it back. So, I cut a section off and potted it up. It had some roots, so it would be fine.  

I didn’t take any pictures, but if we look at this picture from 2017, the green area is the part I removed and kept.

The tree actually grew well in spring, despite its recent operation, so I pruned it back.

It grew well after this so I pruned it again and then wired some branches into position. This species is a very aggressive grower, so I could get away with this.

It had actually grown really well by summer, so I pruned it back again.

After all this it was then left for the rest of the year to grow freely.


I pruned it back at the start of the year and then repotted it in spring when the buds started to swell.

I put it into a nice little pot, maybe it was a little early for this, but I’m sure it will be fine and I like how it looks.

It grew well and it was trimmed back in summer.

It bounced back from this and grew very strongly, so I pruned it again and then left it for the rest of the year to recover.


I started 2021 by pruning back the tree at the start of the year. Once the buds started to swell it was repotted in spring.

It grew well so it was pruned back at the start of summer. I was mostly removing the unwanted shoots at this time. This tree will send a crazy amount of shoots out all over the place that you really need to stay on top of by removing them.

I then pruned it again in midsummer. It’s a fast grower, so is always ready for another pruning.

It was then left for the rest of the year to recover.


I pruned it back at the start of the year and then repotted in spring when the buds started to swell.

After this I left to grow out and pruned back at the end of spring.

and that is where we are with this tree.

My plan is pretty much more of the same. I will just let it grow out and then prune it back. This will slowly build the tree. You can see it shape is slowly developing, so I will just keep this going.

If you also have a Snowberry and are wondering how I look after it, you can read my Snowberry Bonsai Care Guide.