Grape Bonsai Progression (2017 – Now)

This is my Grape that I started from seed. I am trying to grow it as bonsai and I will be going through its progression below.

It is still has a lot of development, but I think doing okay so far.

If you want to watch it in video format, you can watch the YouTube playlist below. The videos show the progression every month throughout the year, sort of like a time lapse.

Just be aware some of my earlier videos are not the best quality, but just like my trees, the quality slowly improves over time, so stick with them and they both get a little better towards the end.

Grapes are actually woody vines, not trees, so they grow a little different. However, they are deciduous and can be treated like trees if worked properly.  

You can read more about their suitability in Is Grape A Good Tree For Bonsai?


In 2017 I bought a packet of grapes from the supermarket. I happened to have a seeded variety and I thought why not try and see what happens if you try and grow the seeds.

It was actually quite difficult and I had a very low germination rate. I think only 2 or 3 grew, but they quickly died off and only one survived, which is the one I still have today.

Once it got big enough I put it into a small pot to grow on and then just left it for the rest of the year.


In the spring of 2018 I planted the tree into a training pot. I did a small bit of root work, which was mostly just the removal of the tap root.

It was then allowed to grow freely for the rest of the year.


I pruned the tree back at the start of the year. It then exploded with growth so I cut it back again. I was also moving house at this point, so I wanted the tree to be as small as possible.

I then repotted it in spring when the buds shot again. There were a lot of crazy roots and I pruned them back pretty hard. I then left it alone to grow out for the rest of the year after repot.


I started 2020 by pruning the tree back hard in late winter.

I then repotted it when the new buds started to swell in spring. It was then left to grow freely for the rest of the year after this.


Usually I would remove the leaves during winter, as they don’t really fall off (I also shelter the tree, so it doesn’t get any wind) However, this winter I didn’t remove the leaves so they kind of died over winter and  the whole tree looks dead, but it’s just the leaves and it’s just gone dormant,  its fine.

I then pruned the tree back and then repotted it when buds started to swell in spring.

It was again left to grow all year.


2022 started with pruning the tree back.

Once the buds started to swell in spring it was repotted and just left to grow.

and that is where we are with this tree.

The plan will be more of the same. I am just going to let it grow out all year then cut it back and go again. I haven’t got a proper plan just yet, so I will just keep doing this until I work out what to do.

If you also have a grape and are wondering how I look after it, you can read my Grape Bonsai Care Guide.